Human - Horse Interaction

Equus Soul

It's All About YOU

– Build Self-Confidence
– Develop Personality
– Improve Focus
– Manage Emotions

What do we do ?

Why Work with Horses?

Equus Soul is a licensed partner of EAHAE which has over 300 Qualified Members
      from more than 40 countries worldwide. Equine-guided education focuses on
      the being qualities of a leader to develop self-awareness and emotional

Horses are sensitive and respond instantly to instructions, energy and body
      language. They will accomplish tasks only if you project all these in a positive
      way. Non-verbal cues and other lessons with horses can be adapted to human
      interaction and corporate settings.

 Experiential learning is one of the most effective
       ways to learn. Participants get to explore, reflect
       and learn by doing. The result is high levels of
       knowledge retention.

Sessions We Offer At Equus Soul


Discover how to transform your ability to lead and work together.


Taking you into a deeper journey of self-awareness


Lasting and positive personal and professional inner change.


Inspire and motivate your team to higher levels of performance.


Improve concentration & relationship skills, manage strong emotions.

It's all about you!

Living the experience alongside the horses  &  Discover the benefits from a different reality.

Equus Soul is an exclusive experience in East Africa where you learn about yourself, about how you are perceived, about how you lead and interact in a team. 

A new perspective of what is Leadership

  • Unlock your inner potential to inspire and motivate others
  • Learn quickly through a personalized experience that will remain with you forever

For Team Members

  • Enhance group dynamics
  • Embed situational leadership
  • Boost collaboration
  • Improve communication
  • Increase innovation and creativity

For Personal Development

  • Empower your emotional intelligence
  • Build self-confidence
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Extend your comfort zone

Meet YOur Facilitator

Sylvie Ouellet

A Canadian national, Sylvie holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Biology and began her career as a biologist in Quebec, Canada. She then worked as project manager for different international organizations and corporations in Haiti, DR Congo, and Tanzania.

Over the last 20 years, Sylvie gained strong management and coaching experience working with project stakeholders in the areas of capacity building and empowerment of teams.

Sylvie is a licensed HorseDream Equine Facilitator and a member of the International Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). Through Equus Soul, she offers a new learning experience using unconventional methods with training that’s designed for corporates and individuals. With a focus on leadership and self-awareness, horse-assisted education unlocks the skills and attitudes needed to manage emerging challenges in our dynamic world.

The Equus Soul interaction was both an exhilarating and huge learning experience for me. I learnt not only a little more about horses but also crucial aspects about myself. I would recommend everyone in any leadership or change-management position to do this course. Moving forward, it will definitely change your perspective as a leader of teams. Well done, Equus Soul!
Caroline Mukidi-Wandera
Founder/ CEO- Spellbound Limited Business Advisory Solutions ~ Trainer and Coach ~ Kampala, Uganda
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