The World Is Moving to a New Impact Economy

A look at extracts from Africa Renewal and United Nations Global Compact.

New Challenge for Managers: Globalization

The multi-year strategy of the UN Global Compact is to drive business awareness and action to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to shape the global agenda on economic, social and environmental development for the next 15 years.  Based on comparison with a key African Union position paper, Africa is getting what it asked for from the UN General Assembly document that proposes the new set of global goals.

In their current form, the SDGs are more focused on building productive capacity and give more weight to economic and environmental factors, which are also key features of the ‘Common African Position (CAP) on the post-2015 development agenda’. The CAP was the consensus of African leaders, civil society and the private sector.

What this global shift means: Shift from Management to Leadership

Business, organizations are facing new challenges such as a global approach and market.

We have to find our place, to be open to new skills of leadership, to guide our teams to more flexibility, thinking out of the box to find new solutions. We have to be more creative and not be afraid to go into new areas. 

Leadership can be viewed as our individual and collective response to change the world for the better. What we need is an understanding and practice of leadership responsive to this world, given today’s highly interdependent world, full of enormous complexity, accelerating change and the unforeseen.

Leadership is in everyday life. This quote sums up what a good leader is:

“If your actions inspire others to Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, You are a Leader.”
John Quincy Adams-

Everything starts with respect and trust.

Managers ————>  To Leaders

Knowledgeable——>  Insightful

Action-Oriented——>  Visionary

Informed————->  Influential

Tactical—————>  Strategic

Instructional——>  Inspirational

Great Leadership Is Conscious Leadership

Leadership requires self-awareness as well as inter-relational skills.  They are important skills for leadership at any level and in many aspects of life.

These two skills cannot be taught and are not easy to teach because they are Embodied Experience rather than intellectual skills.

Learning with horses

Learn with horses to experience something new about yourself. It’s not about the horse, it’s about you.

It’s the shortest way, quicker than any other process, to help people develop their leadership, communication, and relationship skills.

“If you can lead a horse, you can lead anyone.”
-Jude Jennison-

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